About us

Emoji and stickers will create new opportunities to communicate and relate to people that are important for you to engage as a brand


Messaging apps are bigger than social networks.
The top four chat apps have nearly three billion monthly active users.
Emoticons are the fastest growing language and they’re such a phenomenon that some of the biggest brands have now started to use them to communicate with younger generations.
Studies show that consumer are influenced strongly by emotions rather than information and logic. So what do you think is an effective strategy to engage your audience?
Emojis! They are awesome and effective (even if you don’t like them).
92% of online users have used emoji at least several times a year!
The emoji trend is here and it is here to stay and we can help you create this  secret weapon in your marketing campaign: your own brand specific emoji.
We have designed static and animated emoji and stickers for some of the most famous messaging apps and brands such as Snapchat, GIPHY, Line, FacebookGoogleViber, LinkSogou TypanyKeweWeTransferCoca-Cola and we can help your brand or startup better engage with the consumer through timing, creativity and the right messaging.